When Clones Attack!  v.1 4

A fun arcade game in its most classic style.You can relive old memories of 90's with this game. It's you against the clones. Use the mouse and keyboard to navigate, and dispatch of your enemies to reach the next level.

Pokemon08 pokemon

Pokemon crafts kids children activities fun make create build. The first major motion picture from the pokemon empire is sure to keep children coming back for more. when a scientist clones a pokemon named mew, .. Hcthe official pokemon handbook deluxe ed


Stellar Drive Clone  v.3.0

Stellar Drive Clone creates mirror images or clones of Mac-based drives and volumes. This clone can be used as a bootable copy of your system to provision computers with similar settings. Further, you can image your drive to take backup of your data.

Spectaculator  v.7.51.1761

Spectaculator emulates the 16K/48K/128/ 2/ 2A/ 3 Spectrums, the Pentagon 128 and Scorpion ZS 256 clones, and a variety of expansion hardware Highlights: -play your favourite Sinclair ZX Spectrum games on your PC.

CGTetris  v.1 1

Many clones of Tetris in the net were all not good enough (not nice ), boring or simply unplayable. If you're interested, you might look into the sources to retrieve the source code. CGTetris makes a difference between sound and music.

Duplicate & Same Files Searcher  v.

Duplicate & Same Files Searcher is an application for searching duplicate files (clones) and NTFS hard links to the same file. It searches duplicate file contents regardless of file name (true byte-to-byte comparison is used).

Puzzlic Advanced  v.1.0

Puzzlic Advanced is completely new generation of puzzle games, which differs from silly Tetris and Lines Clones. Your task is to combine similar blocks and clean up all 150 game levels.

Super Mario Enough Plumbers  v.1.0

Super Mario Enough Plumbers is a funny puzzle game about clones, cloning clones that's totally not a reference to anything.

Arkanoid 3D  v.1 5

We have already presented several Arcanoid clones. This one is the first made entirely in 3D setting! If you have OpenGL-compatible video card, such as 3dfx VooDoo 3, Riva 128, Riva TNT 1, 2 or any other,

SuperSaver  v.1 3

The SuperSaver screensaver features SuperZero the SuperHero, dancing over the screen.You can choose to have up to 32 clones dancing around.

Live Broadcast & Streaming Software  v.2 5

We are developing this for all of you that want to build sites with features like on justin tv, ustream tv, mogulus, stickam, blog tv or their clones and just need the right plugin to provide this video broadcasting functionality.

Inkscape Portable  v.0.48.1

Inkscape Portable is an open source scalable vector graphics editor packaged as a portable application, so you can do your graphics work on the go. It has all the same outstanding features of Inkscape including markers, clones,

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